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Which Hearing Aid is the Best?

by Dr. Mike Burley on 01/12/17

Ask ten audiologists,  "What is the best hearing aid in the world, if cost is no object?" I think eight or nine of them would give the same answer right now. My wife, who is an attorney, has advised me that it would not be wise to put my answer in writing here.  But I will answer that question in person if you ask. 

Come in and see me for a visit.  We can do a brief hearing check, then we can give you the chance to try the very best, at no cost and no obligation whatsoever. We can discuss which hearing aids are the best, which are almost as good, and why.

Try the very best, at no cost and no risk.  Will you decide to buy the very best?  Maybe not.  Maybe you don't want to remotely answer your phone or listen to podcasts on your hearing aids.  Maybe you don't want your hearing aids connected to the internet. Maybe you don't want to listen to the "big game" on TV while you are washing your car in the driveway or shopping in the store. But maybe you do. If you don't try the very best, you will never know. 

If you are deciding whether to become a hearing aid wearer, or to upgrade the hearing aids you already have, you will never know how good it can be if you don't experience it yourself.

Try the very best - at no cost to you whatsoever.  Call us at (440) 967-3937 to schedule a test drive.